Who I Am

My name is Cat Cross. I'm some weirdo in my 20's currently living in the Pacific Northwest like every other paranormal entity that gets any sort of search effort. Don't go searching for me, tho. You won't like what you find. ;3c

What I'm Into

If there's anything you know about me, it's that I like anime. I have other interests too... but, yeah. I'm mostly an anime fiend despite not keeping up with seasonal stuff. I specialize in BL, but don't consider me a sexpert on the subject.

What I Do

Though I don't do it as much these days,
I like drawing. :) I'd really like to make zines/doujinshi some day! Perhaps when the effort wont leave me bedridden like a sick victorian child!
That aside, I'm going back to school for a career in writing. I had to take a two year hiatus due to... certain events, so in the meantime I've been goofing off with my friend, Fey, through our podcast, The Kujicast. If you happen to like (and I mean really like) the Kuji brothers from Sarazanmai, maybe give it a listen!